Three Icepick foals land safely in Germany! 2

Maple, Arlo, Betsy

Loaded and headed for quarantine on October 26, 2016


Utopia’s Maple sired by F.P. Icepick out of Breezy Knoll Janet foaled Feb. 17, 2016


Utopia’s Heavens to Betsy, sired by F.P. Icepick and out of Castle’s Kirks Drama foaled Mar. 11, 2016.


Utopia’s Arlo, sired by F.P. Icepick out of Utopia’s Cracker Jack Surprise, foaled Jun. 7, 2016









December 2, 2016

It is with great excitement that we announce the successful export of Utopia’s Maple, Utopia’s Heavens to Betsy and Utopia’s Arlo to Steffen Dittmar , Bergquell Brauerei Löbau of Germany.  All three weanlings are sired by F.P. Icepick and were born and raised here in Goshen, CT.  These are three of six registered Percheron foals to ever be exported from the United States to Germany.  We wish the foals well in their new home and look forward to them growing up in Germany!




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